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Bonnie's Summer Picks!

As summer approaches, it's the perfect opportunity to outfit your little adventurers in clothes that seamlessly merge style and comfort. Whether they're frolicking on the beach, discovering new wonders in the park, or tagging along for a fishing expedition, Bonnie's Summer Selection at Monkey Barrel offers the ideal ensembles to ensure they stay both cool and chic throughout the season.

Lullaby Seaside Sailboat Channing Bloomer Set: Let's embark on a journey of adorable nautical charm! Picture your little one in the enchanting Lullaby Seaside Sailboat Channing Bloomer Set, a delightful fusion of comfort and cuteness. Featuring a playful sailboat print and a breezy design, this set is not just adorable but also perfect for soaking up the sun by the shore.

Little English Watermelon Sadie Sundress: Bring some fruity fun to your child's wardrobe with the Little English Watermelon Sadie Sundress! Adorned with sweet watermelon prints, this dress is sure to put a smile on your little one's face. Whether they're attending a summer party or simply enjoying a day out, this sundress promises both style and comfort. Complete the look with a sun hat and sandals for an adorable ensemble that's perfect for summertime adventures.

Properly Tied Aqua Performance Fishing Shirt with Properly Tied Navy Mallard Short: For the little anglers in your life, Monkey Barrel offers the Properly Tied Aqua Performance Fishing Shirt paired with the Navy Mallard Short. Crafted from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric, the fishing shirt ensures your child stays cool and dry during outdoor adventures. The Navy Mallard Short provides plenty of mobility for casting lines and exploring the great outdoors. Whether they're fishing with family or playing by the lake, this outfit combines functionality with style for a memorable summer experience.

Properly Tied Marlin Summer Shirt with Properly Tied Sand Drifter Short: Looking for a laid-back yet stylish ensemble for your child's summer outings? Look no further than Monkey Barrel, where you can find the Properly Tied Shordees Marlin Summer Shirt paired with the Sand Drifter Short. With its timeless print and relaxed fit, the Marlin Summer Shirt exudes coastal charm and effortless style. Combine it with the Sand Drifter Short for a polished look that's perfect for family gatherings or playdates in the park.

From beachside adventures to backyard picnics, these outfits offer the perfect blend of comfort, versatility, and fashion-forward flair. So, go ahead, dress them up, and let them enjoy a summer filled with fun and fashion!

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