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Monkey Barrel of Amelia Monkey

Meet KoKo

Meet KoKo, our happy-go-lucky Monkey Barrel mascot! KoKo is a master of finding shark teeth and would love to show you her collection.


When she’s not helping pick toys and games for our boutique, KoKo is busy perfecting her banana smoothie recipe.


Listen for her bicycle bell as she cruises Centre Street, stopping for snacks along the way!

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Monkey Barrel of Amelia

SINCE 1996

28 Years of Style and Smiles

Bonnie Southwick was a loyal Monkey Barrel customer whose children even modeled for the store before she became its proprietor in 2017! 


With a keen eye for style and a passion for quality, she curates a collection of clothing, accessories, and toys that embody classic coastal charm.


As both owner and manager, Bonnie infuses the boutique with warmth and expertise, ensuring every shop experience is as delightful as a day by the seaside.

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